About Us

Strategy :

The day Al Husam Group was acquired made a decision to renew the company’s structure; he gave full autonomy to project managers and site engineers to make decision on what the project may require. Full and quick action is a result of this de-centralized management structure.

 Focus on Quality: 

There may be different meaning of this word depends upon the person who is defining it. Al Husam Group defines Quality as doing it right at the first time. But how does the company apply its definition?

The company had launched a program that will continuously train its staff in their field of works. Under continuous improvement program, workers are being trained by group to ensure that they will do their job accordingly. Our QC/QA engineers are deployed in each project to double check the job being done.

 Listen to the Client: 

The key for a successful project is a good relationship with the client. The client’s comments and suggestions are most welcomed. Their comments are being evaluated by the top management and do changes in the company’s policy if necessary. Thanks to our clients who commented on us, they made the services delivered better.

 Create a distinct advantage:  

Creativity and innovation will be the intellectual capital of the 21stcentury. The company is currently investing in technology, quality of service and design to create a world class service.

 Anticipate the future: 

In the world of continuous change, past performances can no longer predict the future. The company is restructuring its operations shedding old practices and second rate operations to focus on next generation business with the greatest opportunities for the growth, and the company is changing its business style to anticipate the future needs of its clients.

 Our advantage: 

In the past Al Husam Group has gain respect of its clients (see List of Projects) through its De-centralized management structure, managers and engineers are exercising their full leadership, which results to quick response to client’s request. The implementation of comprehensive project planning and resource utilization has resulted to a quality of service and lower cost.